A Few Tips for Selecting the Right Online PhD Program

As the business world is getting tougher, your workplace may need additional qualified workers to survive the competition. Earning a PhD is one of the ways to show that you have the qualification to stay ahead in the business. However, you may believe that it would require a lot of your time if you enroll in a program due to your already tight work schedule, family life, etc. In this situation, it may be a good idea to consider enrolling in an online PhD program. Nowadays, many notable universities offer online PhD programs for those who wish to obtain their degree from home. Enrolling in an online degree program enables you to save time as you can study the coursework whenever you have free time, interact with your professors virtually and access the library online. Some universities even offer a combination of on-campus and online learning. In this kind of program, you will attend physical class as well as virtual instructions. It enables you to enjoy the college atmosphere while at the same time you still have more time for your business.With the rapid growth of online education, it is very easy to find lists of universities that offer online programs. However, finding a legitimate one can be a challenging task. Below I will share some tips on how to select the right online PhD program:1. Consider Its AccreditationOne of the most important aspects of an online PhD program is the institution’s accreditation. You don’t need to hesitate if the program has been accredited by a recognized accreditation organization. An accreditation organization has reviewed specific aspects of the program such as the faculty credentials, admission procedures, course content and many other aspects. If these aspects don’t meet the standards, the university is required to make improvements. To make sure that your preferred program has received accreditation, check with the department of education.2. Personalized InstructionsPeople may believe that students won’t receive personalized instruction when attending online classes. In fact, students that attend online programs, especially PhD programs, still receive individualized instruction. You may not spend very much time meeting your lecturers in person but you will have many opportunities to obtain their assistance through email or online chatting. A reputable online PhD program has instructors who will assist you via email or phone.3. Consider the CostCost is another important consideration in your search to find the best PhD program. You may strive to find a more affordable program but once again check its accreditation. An affordable price may reduce your burden in financing your studies, but it won’t benefit you if the quality is below the standards and if the degree is not accredited. If you need help in financing your studies, you can search for student funding of PhD programs. There are some financing programs available for students. You may obtain financing from the institution itself, government grants or federal student loans. To obtain funding from a notable institution, their program should be accredited.4. Compare Professor’s ReputationThe reputation of the faculty is the most important thing to consider in studying for a PhD degree. Your advisor will affect your studies, selection of a dissertation topic and sometimes your career. Make sure that the faculty has extensive experience in the field study, are widely published and are known to be helpful to their students.

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Starting A Blog Site – 3 Tips To Start Making Money With Your Blog

Starting a blog site is the best thing that I’ve ever done. So far it has truly changed my life and I’ve never looked back ever since I started. In all honesty, it’s not that difficult to create a successful blog site. Here are some tips to get you going:Tip1: Find the right blog platform to use. I started out with free services like blogger etc. It’s a good service when first starting out, because I know that a lot of newbies out there don’t have that much money to spend on starting up a new blog site. So if that’s you, I highly recommend you start out with a free service like blogger. However, after you get more advanced, you want to create your own domain name and start to have more freedom about what you can do with your blog. In free services like blogger, you don’t get that many option. So, after a while, I would by my own domain name through a hosting company, and set up my blog by using WordPress. WordPress is by far the best blogging service out there and you can make a really professional blog with them. So, start out using free services if you want and see if this really is something for you. Then if it is, upgrade to your own domain and a WordPress blog. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the best thing you can do.Tip2: Connect with your readers! There’s a lot of ways on how you can do this. In all honesty, though, it’s easy. Just be yourself. Be passionate about the topics you’re writing about and let your personality shine through your work. Don’t be afraid to get personal with your readers. They will love you for it and continue to read more about the stuff you’re writing about.Tip3: Go to a site called ClickBank and start to look through various products you can promote. This is one method you can use to make money on your blog. One VERY important rule here though, is to never, ever promote a product you don’t believe in and that you don’t think is of top quality. You’re dealing with real people even though you’re online and in front of a computer. Keep that in mind. Be honest and always promote good, top quality products.These 3 tips will definitely get you going when you’re starting a blog site, but these tips alone won’t do all the work for you. You also need to educate yourself about SEO, how to build relationships with your readers, how to build a list through your blog and so on.

The 7 Top Homeschooling Tips

As a parent who wants to homeschool their kids, you need all the help and information to make it a successsful venture. Apart from informing you of tips that will help the education of your children, we also help you cope with this new role that you will be playing. These tips have been collected out of experience and feedback of hundreds of successful homeschooling parents. Now, the tips.The seven best homeschooling tips are:Before starting homeschooling, check the local laws and regulation to see if you are required to do any paperwork or pay any fees due to it. These laws vary from state to state.
As a parent of a homeschooled kid, you need to have knowledge of basic educational skills. Reasonably good writing, reading and mathematics are essential for a good quality education of your children. If you need to catch up on these, take some adult classes to improve these skills of yours. Most of the time it is not knowledge as much as teaching ability that you need.
Having a good working relationship with your child will go a long way in making homeschooling a success story. Good communication and ability to engage your child’s attention too will help you a lot in your new role as parent-teacher.
Many people do not know the advantages of homeschooling, or are otherwise biased against the idea of homeschooling. You will hear a lot of criticism and negative comments from such people, something for which you should be prepared. As part of your reply you can refer to them the test results of homeschooled kids, which consistently show that homeschooled kids score much better in tests than kids who have attended public schools.
As a sole supervisor, or as a team including your spouse, of your children’s education you need to be very sensitive to their need and feelings. I there is anything amiss in their educational development, recognizing that early on will help you to do course correction before it is late.
A good sense of humor will be very useful to stave of stressful situation. Add to it that it will make the class environment a fun place to be, and make your child enjoy classes as much as sport.
Time management and organization will help you immensely in organizing all the activities of homeschooling – lesson plans, daily schedule, family time and all the other household chores that are anyway your responsibility as a parent. If you think you need to improve on this, it is a good idea to join some local course and learn from the experts.Hopefully you will put these homeschooling tips to good use, you will not regret it.